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Mizo khal image

Khal and his Khaleesi are the hottest couple on the show. Let yourself get excited and flip through this fine old mountain of a man. If only. Luckily, imaginary characters live in the imagination. This means you can get wild with your fantasies and no one can say a word. Dream on, dream girls. Khal Drogo is here to look stern on your behalf. Whether or not Khal Drogo is real is up to you and your imagination.

But tdo you know who is real? The actor playing Drogo. And his behind is out of this world. If only we could watch them in real life, right? On second thought, maybe a gif of his behind is better. No, we are not talking about a certain type of intimate moment during a certain time of the month. We are talking about a scene from the show where he is literally holding something bloody and raw, which has the best balance of both disgusting and hot.

We know he probably had a good reason for it. Maybe he was protecting Khaleesi, or maybe he got mad that he lost a bet. Either way, we think his heart and soul were definitely in this act of violence, which makes us inclined to accept it as an endearing trait, and not any sort of threat to our safety.

While it would be ridiculous if a real life person did this, tv and book characters get a free pass. We had to include at least one picture of these two together. Drogo and Daenerys are the two hottest people on Game of Thronesso it only makes sense that they find themselves put together. We love their chemistry, and we love how she took control of the whole intimacy situation.

The scenes they have are hot, romantic, and absolutely are our favorite parts of the show. This picture is one of our favorites, giving us a great image of the sexy nights they spend together and letting us imagine what it would be like to be kissed by him like that.

We do not know the context of this. What we do know, however, is that we have never seen Drogo look so sweet at anything except maybe Daenerys. He is looking with a tenderness and love that is incredibly uncharacteristic of him, but very becoming. His big, rough, fighting hands are holding that child with sensitivity and care, and it is remarkable how much of a change that is from the way he usually works.

We would love to know what is happening here, but we also love the surprise. Maybe we will get more back story on Khal Drogo, giving us a better idea of the type of man he is beyond the fighting. While that is not entirely true, it does evoke the dazzling and sexy scent of Old Spice.

Remember those commercials? Putting the hottest man in the world on a horse made him even hotter, which is just remarkable. Who would have thought putting two powerful creatures together would make both of them even more powerful? Not us!

mizo khal image

The sentiment holds true here, where we see Khal Drogo handling that beautiful steed with care. It is almost like watching him in the image above with the baby. We can ignore Daenerys here, as we would prefer to imagine ourselves being gifted with this beautiful gift.

Her white hair blends into the horse anyway, which makes us think that Khal Drogo is very thoughtful. You thought Marjorie was the queen of the micro-expressions?Khal Jhaqo and his khalasar decorate themselves, as well as their horses, with red pigment. They contain thousands of mounted Dothraki warriors, the largest containing tens of thousands.

Khalasars are subdivided into khaseach of which is commanded by a captain known as a ko plural, kos. Leadership of a khalasar is not strictly hereditary. Often when a khal dies his khalasar will break up into new smaller ones led by his surviving kos. The Dothraki follow strength, so if the son of the current khal is weak or underaged, they have no reason to follow him i.

Daenerys carrying Drogo's unborn son was no reason for his khalasar to continue to follow her. This way the Dothraki never have a weak child leader inherit rule, which might imperil their survival such as when the eight year old Tommen Baratheon inherited the Iron Throne in Westeros.

Other times, however, the son and heir of an older and successful khal may have himself grown to young adulthood and become a strong and revered warrior in his own right - in which case leadership of the entire khalasar will indeed pass to the son of the khalinstead of breaking up upon his death.

In such cases the adult son and heir of the current khal is known as a khalakka : Drogo was khalakka to his father Bharbo and directly succeeded him upon his death, given that by that time Drogo was already a skilled and respected warrior. Dothraki khalasars have no names, nor do any have particularly long-lasting or deep histories and affiliations.

Khalasars frequently dissolve on the death of their khal into new, smaller khalasars. On the other extreme, when one khalasar conquers another khalasarif often absorbs the remaining forces of the defeated khalasar instead of simply massacring them. In this fashion one khalasar numbering only a few thousand riders can rapidly aggregate more and more lesser khalasars into itself until it is a single large khalasar numbering in the tens of thousands. The actual number of riders in any one khalasar is therefore fluid, as they are frequently dissolving, coalescing into different groups, dissolving again, then re-combining with entirely different groups, etc.

Generally, the khalasars considered large number in the low tens of thousands the adult male mounted warriors - the women, children, elderly, and slaves moving with the entire khalasar will number more than that. Several khalasars of this size seem to be active at any given time. Khal Drogo's khalasar contained about 40, mounted riders, which was considered unusually large. Back during the great wave of Dothraki expansion in the Century of Blood following the fall of Valyria, a few khalasars reached even larger sizes.

Khal Temmo 's horde at the Battle of Qohor was said to number 50, The largest battle of the Dothraki in the Century of Blood was the "Field of Crows", the climactic battle in their campaign against Sarnor, the coalition of city-states at the western end of the Dothraki Sea. Hoping to finally stop the advance of the Dothraki, the Sarnori fielded an allied army of 26, horse andinfantry.

To face this force, four separate Dothraki khals allied their four khalasars into a massive force of 80, mounted warriors - apparently an unprecedented number, and they succeeded in crushing the Sarnori.

The Dothraki politically fragmented after the first few generations of the Century of Blood, however, so that in subsequent centuries Drogo's khalasar of 40, was considered atypically large.

After Drogo was rendered catatonic and soon diedhis khalasar broke up into several smaller khalasars led by his former kos. Pono was the first to leave, with 10, riders, and he was followed by Jhaqo who left with 20, riders fully half of Drogo's original khalasar. Jorah explains that over the next few days several smaller bands from the remaining 10, riders split off and left as well: Jorah doesn't give the names of their leaders or exactly how many follow each of them, but he does say that together with Pono and Jhaqo about a "dozen" new khalasars formed out of the breakup of Drogo's old one.

Given that the remaining 10, riders divided up into ten or so smaller groups, however - admittedly of greater and lesser sizes - these smaller bands probably didn't number more than around one or two thousand each. On the other hand, in the years since Drogo's death another round of warring between different khalasars across the Dothraki Sea has led to some being destroyed, and others agglomerating into much larger sizes by absorbing defeated ones.

By the fifth novel, Khal Jhaqo's force was again in the east near Lhazar and Meereen, and his khalasar encounters Daenerys when she flies back there on her dragon. Khal Pono, meanwhile, is said to now have a khalasar of 30, mounted warriors - meaning he apparently absorbed several defeated khalasars. Pono's force, however, is now said to be at the western end of the Dothraki Sea, near the headwaters of the Selhoryu River a tributary of the Rhoyne - south of Qohor and northeast of Volantis. It is feared that Pono's khalasar will soon menace Volantis, though many anticipate that he will simply leave again after being given customary tribute.

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Heng hi hmuh tur a tam - Mizo hmeichhe chhelo post na, Mizo hmeichhe hmeltha post na, Mizo hmeichhia chhelo post na, Mizo nula chhelo post na, Mizo nula hmeltha post na, Mizo nula khal thlalak post na, Mizo hmeichhia chelo tih zawng post na, Mizo nula chhelo leh pian nalh post na.

Mizo theuh theuh, school kal laia Mizo tawng zir theu theuh, kan thil ziak dan leh chhut dan a hrang nuai mai. School tha nia inchhal atanga zir chhuak ngei ngeite pawh hi sipai bang bovin an bo thei a nih ber hi! Entir nan, 'ho' hman dan pawh hi parts of speech azira a danglam theihzia hriat a va ngai em! Mak deuh maiin a hma thu zawma hmanna a awm ve tlat, Tlangnuam lam hi an changkang ru phian pawh ni fa hmiang!

Tlangnuam People Chhelo-ho. School tha chu a product-ah a lang tur a ni a, exam result tha neih ringawt hi school tha tehna a tling zo lo. Zirlaite chuan khawi hmuna pawha an kalpui theih hriatna thami an chhar chhuah a ngai a, chu aia hlu chu a awm chuang lo. Mahni tawng ngei ziak dan pawh thiam lo chuan thil dang chu thiam em em ngaihna a awm awm lo e tiin a ngaihtuah theih ang.

Labels: Chhelo ho nge chhelo-hoDownload na nge download-naMizo thil download-naPost na nge post-na.

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No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. MLA candidate kawmna neih zawha thlalak-ho. MLA candidate John Siamkunga nen.Rilrua lang apiang Thlarau Thianghlim thusawi emaw tia au chhuahpui pawp pawp mai hi fimkhur a ngai hle.

Mizo Hmeichhe Saruak Thlalak Zawng Thin Ho Tan Aw

A lang nazawng hi Pathian Aw a ni kher lo tih hriat a tul hle mai. Chuvangin a betu aw chu Pathian aw ni lovin setana aw a ni tih a hre ta a ni. Mi thenkhat chu nise an sawi thlarau thianghlim Aw duh mai awm asin! Lalpa kohhrante sawh ngheh aiin a tidarh zawngin a che thin. Chanchin Tha aiin chanchin tha lo a tuipui tir a. In thinlung mangang suh se, hlauh pawh hlau suh se. A bumate lah chuan Aadhaar Card duh lovin India buhfai an hnawl ngam chuang lo va.

India thuamhnaw an hlip ngam chuang lo va, India bungrua neih an thulh chuang hek lo! Setana fin thuruk chuan Adhaar card hmangin Aadhaar siamnaa inrawlh ve miah lo kohhran lakah a hel tir daih mai a nih chu!

Setana fin thuruk hi kan hriat a va tul em! Chumi titu chu setana, diabola ngei chu a ni. Lal Isuan kan chunga roreltute thua awm tur leh chhiah pawh pe tura thuawih min zirtir laiin a ni chuan Pathian thu hmanga hel dan a zirtir thin a.

Galatia a ti a. Chu Chanchin Tha chu Isua khenbeha a awm thu, krawsa misualte chhandamna thu chu a ni. Thufingte Zoram ringtute hi eng chen nge setana bumin kan awm dawn le?

mizo khal image

Amah Isua Krista chauh chu. A bak hlauh tur min kawhhmuh lo. Rom en la. Kristian kal fimkhur rawh, hlauhawm a hnai. Your email address will not be published.

Mizo sermon — Khawngaihna a tawk — Lal Ramhluna Ralte. Mizo sermon — Nang malsawmna ni ang che — Lal Ramhluna Ralte. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Laldinpuii, IMMS. He Zonal Sports-ah hian school hrang hrang 12 telin Indira Memorial Middle School, Hnahthial leh UPS, Denlung chuan school naupang an neih tlem avangin team khat angin an chhuak a, school hrang hrangte chu hengte hi an ni:.

mizo khal image

Middle School, Leite Govt. Inelna item hrang hranga point hmuh dan lak khawma school ti the pathum chu an tih that dan indawtin hetiang hi a ni:. Mipa football-ah hian kumleh khan an champion a, hian point hmangin semi-fina l an thleng lo hlauh a, hneh loh nei si lovin kum danga an position lak thin an pha ta lo a ni. Kum a item hrang hranga position kan lak dan hetiang hi a ni:.

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Mizo nula chhelo tih tur nge Mizo nula chhe lo tih tur zawk? Chhelo tih hi a dik nge a dik lo zawk? Pu KD Pathak. Chuvangin he thumal ziak dan dik hi zir leh sawiho tham a tling.

Mizo tawng ziak ziah dan dik hi hriat a har a ni ang e, Mizote ngei pawh hian kan hre fuh lo thei hle a, kan hriat dan pawh a inang lo thei hle bawk. School zirlaite tan pawh hian dik deuha ziak hi thil huphurhawm tak a ni thei a, han hrilh ngial pawhin an hrethiam zung zung lem lo bawk.

Zirlaibu siamtute leh zirtirtute an pawimawh hle. He laiah hian a khawi nge dik? Khawi nge dik lo? Mizo nula chhelo leh Mizo hmeichhe chhelo tih tur nge Mizo nula chhe loleh Mizo hmeichhe chhe lo tih zawk tur tih sawi kan tum lem lo. He miin a tihchian em em Mizo tawng hi a punctuation dik hmang tur leh internet khawvela kan thil chhut luhte a lo dik zawk theih nan hian school level-ah Mizo tawng hi nasa taka zir a ngai a, ziak dan dik zirtir bakah tawngkam dik leh dik lo awm thei thlengin zir a pawimawh hle tih tarlan leh chumi zawnga school pawimawhzia hi tarlan kan tum zawk a ni.

A chhan nia lang chu zirna inah hian uluk tawkin Mizo tawng hi zirlai naupangte hnenah zirtir a ni ta lo thin a ni maithei. School mawh a va sang em!

Mizo nula piannalh tih te, Mizohmeichhia piannalh tih te, Mizo hmeichhia hmeltha tih thlengin Mizo chhul chhuak kutchhuak ngei hmuh tur a awm ta nuk mai. Mizo nula hmeltha thlalak-te chu chutiang hmun hming mak tak takah chuan hmuh tur a awm leh tuar si ang.He mi hun hmang ve thei lo C.

Malsawmkima hi BCA-ah Mizoram puma 6-na a ni bawk. A tet laia Nuchhungi English Medium School-a kal thin a ni a, lehkha thiam thei fal a ni lo va, a tumruhna leh taimakna avanga hetiang dinhmun a chang hi NEMS chuan a lawmpui hle.

Ani pawh hian a duty hriain taima takin a zirlaibu a khal nasa a, thiam phahna khawpin a khal a, result tha tak a nei ta a ni.

Mizo mipa chhuanawm tak a ni. Nuchhungi English Medium School. Search this site. Photos of Mizo boys and Mizo girls.

Champion school. Mizo nula chhuanawm.

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Mizo nula leh hockey. Nuchhungi English Medium School hian zirlai fel leh duhawm tak takthahnemngaihna nena lehkha zira result tha tak nei te, a bika intihsiakna neih tuma position sang tak hauh leh Award dawng te a lo nei ve tawh thin a. He school-a kum 10 chhung vel KGI - VIII an kal chhunga an awm dan ringawt hi school-in a ngaihtuah ber lo va, he school an chhuahsan hunah eng tiangin nge an nun zel ang a, he school-a an kal lai hian an hma lam hun atana tangkai tur eng hriatna nge an puak chhuah ang tih a ngaihtuah reng thin.

Hei vang hian he school atanga zir chhuak tawh te chanchin pawh a ngaihven reng thin a, result tha leh hlawhtlinna an neihin school chuan a lawmpui hle thin. Tun hnai maia he school atanga lo zir chhuak tawh, an zirna kawng theuha ti tha zual mi pathum, nula pahnih leh tlangval pakhat lawmpuina leh chawimawina neih a ni. Heng Mizo nula tlangvalte hian an zirlaibu an khal tam tih a hriat a, kan chhuang hle a ni.

Two alumni On the left C.

mizo khal image

Vanlalmuani - 3rd in BA Pshy. She stood 3rd in the whole of Mizoram in the recently published result. She was a topper in Mizoram in the recently published result of BSW.

Absent in the photo - C.

Cc oz-12.(g/4450010-- consiglio regionale d

Malsawmdawngkima - 6th in BCA. A tet lai atanga mi sincere leh taima a ni a, naupang meng fiah kak leh class-a ninhlei ngai lo a ni. Lawmpuina leh chawimawina hunah hian English leh Mizo tawngin thu a sawi a, Mizorama pakhatna a nih theihnaah hian school a kal theih tirh atanga hun rei tak a lo kalna thin Nuchhungi English Medium School chu a bul tumtu lian tak a nih zia te, English lam rik dan dik leh Grammar a zirna hmun ber a nih thu te a sawi.

An college-a Graduation Day an hman tum pawhin zirlaite aiawha thusawi tura an thlan ve ngat a ni a, kan chhuang hle a ni. Mizo nula chhuanawm, zirlaibu khal tam leh taima, zirlai nih dan tur phur chhuak thei hi kan chhuang em em a ni. Vanlalmuani hi BA Pschy.

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Lehkha thiam thei pangngai tak a ni thin a, mi tum ruh leh hlawhchham tum lo mi tak a ni, Lawmpuina leh Chawimawina huna a thusawinaah Pathian tih tlat chunga lehkha zir a pawimawhzia sawiin lehkha a zir dawn reng rengin a tawngtai hmasa thlap zel tih a sawi. Kan chhuang em em a, a zir zelnaah hlawhtling zel turin kan duhsak. Thiam tur khawpa zirlaibu khal tam peih, mahni duty hria leh tumruh, Mizo nula chhuanawm tak a ni.

Quiz Competition-a a ti thate hnenah chawimawina certificate hlan a ni bawk. Lalhruaitluangi, C.Post a Comment. Sport hian Mizo-te rilru a luah hneh hle. A ni khawvel hian sport hi a ngaisang. Infiamna hian taksa leh rilru a thunun a, sual lam kawng zawh tur mi tam tak a hruai tha thei.

A hmei a pain, a pui a pang hi sport leh a kaihhnawih hian min chim vel reng a, inkhel thiamte chanchin chhiar tur a awm reng bawk. Hnahthial atang pawhin Sport lama mi ngaihsanawm an lo chhuak tawh thin.

India ram huapa football star lar Jeje Lalpekhlua pawh Hnahthial khua ngat a ni.

Results for : mizo

Infiamna khel mual nei tha lem lo mah ila, zirlai talent nei tha tak tak te hian school levela tuipuina leh enkawlna tha an dawn chuan infiamna lamah hmasawnna a thlen thei. School routine pangngaia game hun a awm piah lamah tournament leh Zonal Sport vela theihtawp chhuahin Hockey Tournament-ah te tel ve thin a ni. A chunga thlalaka lo langte khi Nuchhungi English Medium School hmeichhe hockey team an ni a, tournament-ah semi-final an lut a, eng emaw rokhawlhna avangin an khel ta lo a ni.

A bikin Mizo hmeichhe tan chuan hockey hian future a nei tha a, India rama player tha pawl zingah Mizo hmeichhia an tel ve fo mai. CCE leh sport hi a kal kawp tlat a, school tha chuan enga mah hi a hmaih thiang lo. Mizo hmeichhia leh hockey hi thil inhmeh tak a ni a, sport lam ti thei deuh Mizo nulate chuan hei hi uar leh zual a fuh ngei ang. Mizo hmeichhiate hi hockey lamah hian an duai lo hle tih kan hre thin a, sport discipline dang ai hian tih tak zeta bei tan chuan hockey-ah hian hlawhtlinna chance a tam zawk awm e.

Mahse, a tlangpui thuin Mizo thalai zingah hockey hian ngaihsan a hlawh ta lem lo niin a lang. Tlema han hrual deuh chuan Mizo hmeichhia -te hian hockey hi an khel thei fu zel si a, talent nei tha deuh tal hi chu zirtirna tha tak hnuaia hrual chuan Mizo tihmingthatu an ni thei ngeiin a rinawm.

School level-ah pawh hian a theih ang leh remchan ang zela hockey hi chawisan a, Mizo naupang leh tleirawlte chher chhoh zel hi a tul hle. Nuchhungi English Medium School hmeichhe tleirawlte pawh hi hun tlem te chhunga han hrual hlek pawhin rin ai takin an khel ve thei phian zel mai. Mizo Hmeichhe zingah Mizo super models emaw, miss Mizoram contest leh Mizoram fashion show vela tel lo tur chi tan pawh pian nalh leh hmeltha nih a tul em em lohna hmun a ni a, remchang lak thiam chuan mahni intun nunna kawng tha tak a ni thei ngei ang.

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Inkhel tak tak tur erawh chuan hrisel that leh taksa leh rilru vawn fit reng a ngai a, chu chu infiamnain a ken tel thil tha tak a ni. Hmeichhia te tiangkawm nena han inkhelh deuh rap rap hi a nu zan lo a ni thei. Tunlai Mizo mipa inzai no siak ang em chu a ni lo. Inkhel en peih tamna ramah hian a hlu a ni. Hmeichhe chakna thahrui strength of women sawr chhuah dan ngaihtuah kawngah school zirtirtu leh school naupangte an tanrual a, hmeichhe mizia leh theihna thlir chunga inkaihhruaina tha neih a tul.

Hockey stick hrim hrim hi Mizo hmeichhiate, a bikin nula ni mekte hian an khal tam lo hle a, school bila sticks nei lo hi a tam zawk an ni maithei. Hei vang hian hockey lama hmeichhiate theihna kan hmu chhuak nep hle.


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